At Germans Barri service makes the difference

Purchases - Sales

We buy all our products from major suppliers, who are working directly with growers, cooperatives or Spanish and European auctions.

We can offer you our products directly from the source (loading at the origin), delivered at your place or you can pick them up at our selling points or warehouse here in Mercabarna.

Logistic - Transport

Our logistic team is here to help you with your needs in transportation within Spain and the European Union. Thanks to our long experience in importing/exporting fruits and vegetables, we are able to deliver your order on time and budget, maintaining all the quality and temperature standards.


Transport providers


Contracted trucks

Warehousing and Packing

We have a warehouse with more than 12000m2 of cold storage (15 cold rooms) which allows us to keep and maintain all our products at the adequate temperature.

Our packing station is able to pack most varieties of potatoes (brushed or washed) and onions. Thanks to our production lines, that are equipped with some of the latest and most innovating machines, we are able to offer to our clients the requested caliber, type of packaging and brand.